2003-12-27 : Downtime
2003-12-10 : RTD Progress: news 4
2003-12-04 : RTD Progress : news 3

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Welcome stranger, to Route to Destiny.
Register and enter this world filled with the dangers of Technomages, Constructs, Elements and many more creatures, more than you can imagine.
For a long time this world lived in a delicate ballance between nature and magic, but now several factions have formed.
On one extreme side are the mechanical robots, the Cryon, who try to control the world trough technology, on the other side you have the Mage guilds, the Temeos who try to erradicate all technology. And in between you have the technomages such as yourself, dwelling in between the both sides. Which side will you choose? Where will the battle take you? what perils will you overcome? Beware stranger, only the strong will survive, but i don't know if you will be among them.


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